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  • 😍We offer a new menu event!😍
Galbi Cup-Rice and Bibimbap is ONLY $5 TOMORROW on Wednesday(17 July)
Also, you can drink FREE Hot Citron Tea! (really great tea!)
Come on and take Our new menu!😋😋
  • Winter is HERE in Brisbane.😪😱
So we serve FREE HOT Citron TEA at Little Maru(Creek St)👍👍 Citron tea is created by curing Citron into a sweet, thick, pulpy syrup. It is healthy and does not contain caffeine.
Citron tea is well known for its health benefits. It is said to have more vitamin C (2.3 times more) than raw lemon juice. The vitamin C in Citron tea allegedly helps the immune system to fight against infections and other diseases/illnesses.
  • 🤗Little Maru Special Drink Combo.🤗
This is an affordable DEAL for everyone!
Any Cup-Rice(Bibimbap) with Coke, Zero Coke or Water is ONLY $9.90.👀👀
  • Introducing a NEW POCHA MENU at Maru! ✨✨Happy Hour 9pm - 10pm✨✨
Spicy Pork Stew 👉👉$15
Spicy Octopus, Beef tripe, Prawn stew 👉👉$15
Spicy Stir-Fried Baby Octopus, Pork cartilage 👉👉$15

Braised Chicken with vegetables 👉👉$15
Spicy Braised Chicken with vegetables 👉👉$15

Stir-fried Beef Tripe 👉👉$15
Korean Style Raw Beef, Octopus 👉👉$12

Fried Half Chicken 👉👉$9
-Sweet Chilli

Udon 👉👉$8
Steamed Eggs 👉👉$8
Fish cake soup 👉👉$8
Self-Service Rice Ball 👉👉$3

Only applies when you order a meal with alcohol.
  • This is a soooo PERFECTLY Balanced meal!👍👍
Bibimbap contains lot of veggies and protein!
You can enjoy this only for $8.20! 🤑
This must-have food is available at must-visit shop, Little Maru at Creek Street or Adelaide Street.
  • Start your meal at #littlemaru2019 with one of our appetizers, the Fried Chicken Skewer.
  • Quick and Fast! Today is the last day of our grand opening event! It is  until 4pm!
  • Thank you for coming today😍😍
I will meet you tomorrow again!👋👋